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High quality natural flavor,Anise Chinese prickly ash cinnamon, etc,Add fragrant smell,And can adjust taste,Increase appetite

Selection of the finest spices

Healthy, delicious

Since the company since its establishment,The company has always been adhering to the“To make high quality products”、“Do rest assured food”Business philosophy,Committed to provide safety and health for the majority of consumers、Healthy and tasty food

Dazhou fine food co., LTD is a production、Processing、Sales for the integration of agricultural products processing enterprises

In one hundred a special skill Chan love life

Quality beef

Selected prime beef as a raw material of various kinds of high quality nutrition,Colour and lustre is ruddy,Smelling aroma,It tastes hot gas is intensified,
Until you wanting more。

7Working procedure Make of the beef as thin as paper
Beef history of the source
The tip of the tongue on the beef:A trillions of market,Chinese beef cattle industry
Northeast inland port of U.S. beef imports for the first time
Nutritive value of beef
How to choose and buy beef
Pregnant women can eat beef

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